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  • This recording features Celtic, French and original instrumentals and songs. This features Sylvia Hackathorn on Pennywhistles, Mandolin, Guitar, Bouzouki and vocal. Lance Frodsham on Mountain Dulcimer, Cittera, Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals. With Kevin Burke on Fiddle, Robin Banks McReavey on Accordion and vocals. Dan Compton on Guitar and Gayle Jewell on Harmonies.



Breton Medley

Lana's Reel /Tom Morrison's

Women of Ireland / Woman of Ireland

Pavanne's Jig / The Wheels of the World

Captain O'Kain / The King of the Fairies

Shining Clear

La Salamandre / Le Petit Musc

Blind Mary

Corn Rigs

Lonesome Boatman / Andros

Give Us a Drink of Water

La Ronde des Milloraines


Bransles Gay

Waterford Hornpipe



WhistleStops and Dulcimers

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  • Released 1994 on the Wizmak label. Available as a download from CD Baby.

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