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The English Dulcimer English Country, Morris and Sword Dances Performed on Fretted Dulcimer.


This CD has been remastered and will be available from this web site and various downloadable sites. Previously, it was only included in the Mel Bay book. This recording features the Mountain Dulcimer in an ensemble setting with fiddle, piano, whistle, guitar, mandolin, melodian and bouzouki. The dance tunes are arranged in medleys. The CD has all of the tunes that are in the Mel Bay book The English Dulcimer.


Step Back / Shepherd's Hey

Childgrove / Parson's Farewell

Leapfrog / No Man's Jig

Three Sea Captains

Searching for Lambs / The Black Nag

Helston Furry Dance / Gathering Peascods / Geud Man of Ballangigh

Jamaica / Newcastle

Maid's Morris / Black and Grey

The Wild Morris / The Dorsetshire Hornpipe / Speed the Plough

Touchstone / Nonesuch / Rosetree

Barham Down /Oldham Rant

Jenny Pluck Pears / The Juice of Barley

Ladies Pleasure / Princess Royal

Lovely Joan / Staines Morris

Morepath Rant 1 & 2

Chelsea Reach / Prince William

Faithless Nancy Dawson / Balquidder Lasses

Constant Billy / Blue Eyed Stranger

Portsmouth / Maiden Lane

Bobby Shaftoe / Cobbler's Jig / Three Jolly Sheepskins / Boyne Water

Well Hall


The English Dulcimer CD

SKU: 700261487175
  • Released on the Pacific Dulcimer label.

  • International varies. It will be at cost. Email for information

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