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An all instrumental collection by multi intrumentalists Lance Frodsham and Sylvia Hackathorn. Tunes are Irish, French, American Roots and Sylvia's originals.

Tracks are: 

1. Scolley's Reel/The Reel of Mulinavat/ The Man of the House

2. Fisher's Hornpipe

3. Cripple Creek/OldJoe Clark/ Cherokee Shuffle

4. Jack Broke the Prison Door / Far From Home

5. Kryolé de Dommartin-lès-Remiremont/Polka Piquée

6. Off to California / The Rights of Man

7. Sir Sidney Smith's March

8. Polska / Salterello /La Rotta

9. Mississippi Sawyer / The Arkansas Traveler / Spotted Pony

10. La Volage

11. Apples in Winter

12. Hommage à Edmond Parizeau

13. Lois Na Banriona (Fort of the Fairy Queen)

14. Three Crones



Over Nine Waves

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This recording is an all instrumental release from Lance Frodsham and Sylvia Hackathorn. The music is Celtic, French, American Roots and original compositions from Sylvia.

    Sylvia Hackathorn: Pennywhistle, Guitar, Bouzouki, Sequencing

    Lance frodsham: Mountain Dulcimer, l'Epinette des Vosges, Guitar


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